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Posted by on Nov 13, 2013 in Latest News | 2 comments

Vocational Evaluation Pioneer in critical condition

Many VEWAA members will remember Bob Couch who has been a driving force behind vocational evaluation for over 40 years.  Bob was a member of Auburn University’s faculty and has been a good friend to so many of us over the years.  Bob is suffering from Congestive
Heart Failure and a perforated ulcer and is in intensive care.

Please keep Bob and his family in your thoughts and prayers. If anyone would like his address please post a reply and we will send this to you.


  1. Dear Bob: Many years ago, I was considering which area of counseling would interest me most. Your leadership and publications encouraged me to choose vocational evaluation. I am a CVE and an LPC and find that the two specialties are quite complementary. You helped me decide that. Thank you for your humanity and for sharing it with those of us who strive to inspire others to reach their potential.

  2. Everyone seems to have fond memories of Bob. One that I recall was a party that Bob hosted for the VEWAA Board sometime back in the mid-nineties. This was when VEWAA had onsite Board meetings and since Auburn in March is much nicer than Wisconsin, this was a real treat. There was one problem. I was on faculty at UW-Stout in Wisconsin, and originally from San Francisco, so my southern accent was totally non-existent! Thanks to Bob’s great southern hospitality, and the diligent efforts of the likes of Randy McDaniels, Gary Sigmund, Rock Weldon, Randy Gray and a few others , they tried their best to teach me how to “talk southern”. If I recall correctly, a bottle of Rebel Yell was somehow used as an incentive. At the time I wasn’t sure if this was positive or negative reinforcement. Results were inconclusive, but a very good time was had by all!

    Here’s a “War Eagle” to you Bob! You’re in my thoughts and prayers!

    Tony Langton