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Posted by on Apr 22, 2016 in Voices from the Field | 8 comments

New “Voices from the Field” blog

The new blog will connect practitioners in the field with each other and establish a forum for researchers, educators, practitioners and consumers, along with other interested individuals, to ask questions and discuss important issues.

As a leading professional association in the fields of vocational evaluation and assessment, work readiness and adjustment services, one of VEWAA’s most important responsibilities is to facilitate and enhance communication about key issues, practices and events.  Anyone with interest in these fields is invited to use the blog.  As utilization of the blog grows, we will develop whatever guidelines may be necessary to ensure that this becomes a valuable resource for all.

For more information about “Voices from the Field” contact

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  1. One of the features of the blog will be the capability to add categories to make it easier to search for key topics of interest.

  2. The blog will need traffic and activity to help work out any glitches that may occur. VEWAA Board members will be the first group to help test out the functionality of the Voices from the Field blog.

  3. Looking forward to communicating with others in the field and sharing this valuable resource.

  4. I’ve heard that some VE programs are incorporating discovery approaches into the assessment process. Can anyone comment on that? If you are a practitioner using these approaches, please share what you are doing and its benefits and/or challenges.

    • Deb,
      I am not familiar with this being used in the assessment process but it sounds interesting. I’ll ask around and see what I can find in our area.

  5. Hello. I am so excited that we will have the opportunity to hear from the many varied voices in the field of Vocational Rehabilitation. We are looking forward to hearing your ideas, concerns, and best practices that will help us all to serve our members and people with disabilities. So, let us hear your voice soon.
    2016-2017 VEWAA Board President

  6. Hi Deb, some evaluators in MD and DC are integrating Discovery into their voc. evaluation processes. You may want to contact
    Liz Jones in Maryland. Take care, Pam Leconte

  7. Hello!

    I have just recently joined and am looking foward to expanding my knowledge in the area of Vocational Evaluation/Rehabilitation.

    I am a Clinical Psychologist practicing in South Florida and have been conducting psychological evaluations for Vocational Rehabilitation customers to determine their eligibility and provide reccomendations for the past five years.

    Since I am trained as a Psychologist, I am seeking to enrich my current knowlege/understanding with information from those working in the field of Vocational Evaluation/Rehabilitation, in hopes of improving upon my evaluations using best practices, and feel confident in providing the most useful recommendations.

    Thank you in advance and looking foward to connecting with you!

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