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Frequently asked questions provide information that answers many questions about VEWAA and the role of assessment and adjustment services in the rehabilitation field.  If you have other questions that are not covered please send these to us so that we can respond to you and then post information on the website.

  • Why should I consider joining VEWAA?
    Membership in a professional association that supports work of individuals who work in vocational assessment, vocational evaluation and related areas is very important for persons in the field and also for the persons who need these services. VEWAA provides a national presence to help draw attention to this small, but very much needed specialty area.
  • Do I have to be a member of NRA?
    Yes. Since VEWAA is a Division of NRA, members must also join the National Rehabilitation Association.  
  • Are there VEWAA state chapters in all parts of the country?
    No, not in all parts of the country. However, there are active VEWAA Chapters in  a number of states and plans to establish Chapters in several others. In those states where there is not an active Chapter, National VEWAA will work directly with members and assist in establishing one. National VEWAA will also help to connect professionals across the country to share information needed to further vocational assessment and related activities.
  • Does VEWAA work with other groups and organizations?
    Yes. VEWAA is very interested in working with others to address challenges and issues faced today. VEWAA works in collaboration with VECAP, another  association which represents professionals working in the field.  VEWAA also actively works with groups such as the National Rehabilitation Association, CARF, RESNA, and CSAVR to help ensure that vital services are made available to persons with disabilities.
  • Is the Certified Vocational Evaluator certificate still available?
    No. The  CVE – Certified Vocational Evaluator certificate, that was available through the Commission on Certification of Work Adjustment and Vocational Evaluation Specialists (CCWAVES), ended with the dissolution of CCWAVES in 2009.  Individuals holding existing CVEs will be able to maintain their certification, however no additional CVE certificates will be available.  
  • Is there any other credential for vocational evaluators?
    Yes. The
     Registry of Professional Vocational Evaluators (RPVE) was created to provide a credential for vocational evaluators who have demonstrated attainment of acceptable standards of education, experience, and knowledge.