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Note: The following training occurred in the past:

PEPNet Webcast (2011):

Assessment and Evaluation Tools for Individuals who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

About the Webcast:

The purpose of this webcast is to explore evaluations and assessments of individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing in the areas of Vocational Rehabilitation, Academic Readiness, and Co-occurring Disabilities.  This webcast will feature three formal panelist presentations and a panel discussion. The panelist presentations will provide an overview of important issues that arise when using assessment and evaluation tools in academic and vocational contexts. In addition to general guidelines and considerations when adapting tools to this population, the panelists will highlight specific assessment tools and their appropriate use in practice. The moderated panel discussion will allow panelists to draw upon their professional experiences and emphasize multiple perspectives on issues in the field.

Broadcast dates:

Choose from two viewing dates and times:

Wednesday, September 28, 2011:
8 AM   –    9:45  AM PST

9 AM    – 10:45 AM MST

10 AM – 11:45  AM CST

11AM  –  12:45 PM EST


Thursday, September 29, 2011:
3 PM  – 4:45 PM PST
4 PM – 5:45 PM MST

5 PM – 6:45 PM CST

6 PM – 7:45  PM EST


For more information and to register for this webcast go to:

This event is sponsored by PEPNet-Midwest and PEPNet-West.  Our mission is to advance educational and work opportunities for individuals who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing.  For more information go to

PEPNet is supported by cooperative agreements with the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs.


2012 American Board of Vocational Experts (ABVE) Conference

Perfect Your Act!  Balancing the Many Aspects of Vocational Expert Practice

Request for Presentations

ABVE is requesting presentations from experts in the vocational and rehabilitation fields to be included in the 2012 conference program.
ABVE is committed to maintaining a high level of competence and excellence in our education program.  The vocational rehabilitation arena is progressively expanding and it is imperative that we maintain our competencies, not only in fundamental methodologies but in emerging technologies as well.

Requested topic areas:

  • Vocational Forensics and Forensic Testimony
  • Testimony and Communication Styles
  • Business marketing and development, including use of social networking media, for vocational experts
  • Technology (as applied to the rehabilitation field such as data security, accessing statistical data, employment, medical records, computerized testing, software resources)
  • Ethical considerations for vocational expertsIf you desire to participate as a presenter, go to the to download the RFP.

Submissions are due August 1, 2011. Once the RFPs are submitted they will be reviewed by the Conference Planning Committee and selected speakers will be notified.  We are looking forward to an exciting and informative event in Las Vegas next year!

Please contact Estelle Hutchinson, Conference Chair, if you have any questions or suggestions.  Phone: (401) 383-4069 or email