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Registry of Professional Vocational Evaluators

The VEWAA Board continues to support and strongly endorses the new Registry of Professional Vocational Evaluators or RPVE.  The RPVE was created to provide a credential for vocational evaluators when the Commission on Work Adjustment and Vocational Evaluation suspended operations in 2008.

By assisting in the creation and development of the RPVE, VEWAA is pleased to contribute to the long-term conservation of the vocational evaluator profession and identity.

Please contact the RPVE directly at for details about the Registry. You can also contact VEWAA with questions or comments

Historical Background

As noted on 9/5/2008, the Commission on Certification of Work Adjustment and Vocational Evaluation Specialists (CCWAVES) issued an announcement indicating that CCWAVES had been forced to begin the process to dissolve the organization.

As of September 2009 the CCWAVES was no longer operational. Although there is no existing option for new vocational evaluators to be certified as “Certified Vocational Evaluators” (CVE), individuals holding the CVE designation can maintain this through the CRCC.   Inquiries about certification and maintenance options should be directed to the CRCC website.

Credentialing Task Force
An ad-hoc Task Force, chaired by John Lui, Executive Director of SVRI at UW-Stout, consisting of members of VEWAA and VECAP was formed in 2009 to explore different processes and credentialing options for vocational evaluation.  The task force conducted an online survey in early 2010.  Nearly 70% of 964 participants expressed interest in a credential and agreed on “Professional Vocational Evaluator” (PVE) as the name.  This task force is continuing to meet and has the goal of recommending a sustainable credential that will help to promote professional practice among those in the field vocational evaluation.

The 11/8/2010 letter from Debra Homa, VEWAA 2010 President, has provided information on the status of the Professional Vocational Evaluation (PVE) credential.

New Alternative Certification for Vocational Evaluation Specialists Joint Task Force Report (November 2009)

Download a copy of the report (Word Format)
VEWAA is pleased to announce the participation on a joint task force with VECAPon Alternative Certification for Vocational Evaluation Specialists. The task force, which was led by Karen Pell, convened in May 2009. The charge was to research the following:

  • How the CVE resulted in it’s current status and the lessons learned
  • Options for those who currently hold a CVE and options for those seeking a CVE
  • Recommendations to the professional associations on how to guide professionals seeking the CVE designation

In addition to providing information regarding the three items listed above, the report discusses lessons learned from alternative certifying organizations, as well as other rehabilitation certification commissions. The summary succinctly documents the barriers the VE profession faces and the recommendations that resulted from the research completed by the task force.

For more information about the task force report or other certification questions please contact Paige Tidwell.

The following information documents previous certification announcements:

The Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification (CRCC) has announced that it has assumed responsibilities for oversight and management of the following designations for vocational assessment professionals:CVE    Certified Vocational Evaluation Specialist
CWA   Certified Work Adjustment Specialist
CCAA Certified Career Assessment AssociateCVEs, CWAs, and CCAAs provide services and support to help individuals meet their career goals.  Specifically, they:

  • Recommend vocational/career goals and develop personal employment profiles;
  • Assist with return to productive work;
  • Create planning documents for motivation to complete school and/or career-related training programs;
  • Assist with planning and development of rehabilitation and training programs;
  • Assure better job placement via valid occupational information;
  • Provide support for career decision-making processes; and
  • Facilitate job search, placement, and retention.

CRCC assured that they are dedicated to the preservation and maintenance of these important credentials via:

  • Enforcement of the CVE/CWA/CCAA Code of Ethics;
  • Implementation of the CVE/CWA/CCAA certification renewal process;
  • Oversight of CVE/CWA/CCAA continuing education requirements; and
  • Maintenance of all CVE/CWA/CCAA contact information.

CRCC indicated that they are excited to be adding these important, credentialed vocational assessment professionals into the CRCC fold.  For more information, please visit the CRCC website at, “CVE/CWA/CCAA Designations”.

Important CCWAVES Announcement (9/5/2008)


The Commission on Certification of Work Adjustment and Vocational Evaluation Specialists (CCWAVES) has issued an announcement indicating that, as of 9/5/2008, CCWAVES has been forced to begin the process to dissolve the organization.

VEWAA has been in contact with CCWAVES to learn more details.   We suggest that you go to the CCWAVES website to see the letter that was sent to all certificants.

CCWAVES indicated that this was a very difficult decision.  Our conversations with Ron Spitznagle, Chair of the Commission, confirmed that the CCWAVES was faced with extremely difficult circumstances.   VEWAAwill work with VECAP and other appointing organizations to determine what this will mean to current certificants, prospective applicants and practitioners in the fields of vocational evaluation, work adjustment and career assessment.