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VEWAA publishes the NRA-VEWAA Bulletin newsletter and the VEWAA Journal.   We hope that you will download copies of the newsletter and online issues of the VEWAA Journal.

Guidelines for Authors

The VEWAA Journal accepts unsolicited manuscripts for review by email ( Electronic submittals must be made in rich text format (.rtf). Microsoft Word, Word Perfect, or Open Office files are acceptable. Send the manuscript as an attachment to an email that includes your personal contact information. Please refer to “VEWAA” in the subject line. The VEWAA Journal accepts unsolicited manuscripts for review by mail. Send manuscripts (4 copies) to: Andrea Perkins-Nerlich, 143 Hagedorn Hall, Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY, 11549.

VEWAA Bulletin

VEWAA Bulletin Download PDF copies of recent VEWAA Bulletins. If you need this in an alternate format please contact us.

VEWAA Journal VEWAA hopes that you will take advantage of the new online VEWAA Journal.

  • IRI Document on VE Available The 30th Institute on Rehabilitation Issues: A New Paradigm for Vocational Evaluation: Empowering the VR Consumer Through Vocational Information takes a very in-depth look at this valued resource and introduces new approaches and ways to better use vocational information to increase employment outcomes and open up options for persons with disabilities. This document is now available  either as a PDF download or in Microsoft Word format courtesy of TACE 6 at the University of Arkansas. Contact TACE 6 for information on this or other IRI documents and other publications.
  • Text on Vocational Evaluation One of the earliest textbooks on vocational evaluation, written by Walter Pruitt in the early 1980s, was entitled Vocational Evaluation.  The 2nd Edition, published in 1986, has been out of print for many years.  Thanks to the efforts of Michelle Hamilton from the University of Wisconsin-Stout, and permission from Eric Pruitt, this important resource was retyped into an electronic format (PDF) and is again available. The electronic version can be downloaded for no charge as a service to VE practitioners and other interested persons.  Our appreciation goes to Michelle and Eric for making this possible.  Walt was an early pioneer in the field of vocational evaluation and this is a fitting tribute in his memory.
  • Work Sample Manual Format During a standing-room-only session on work samples at the VECAP Forum in 2007, many participants indicated a need for guidelines to help them develop their own work samples. Several people mentioned the Work Sample Manual Format, which has been out of print for many years. The Work Sample Manual Format is now available in digitized form, thanks to Michelle Hamilton at the University of Wisconsin Stout and with the kind permission of Ron Fry, formerly of the Materials Development Center. Originally published in 1977 by the Materials Development Center at the Stout Vocational Rehabilitation Institute, it provides a generic format to help vocational evaluators develop their own work sample manuals. This digitized version can be downloaded for no charge.

We are in the process of collecting a variety of resources and publications that will be available to practitioners, educators, students and others interested in vocational assessment and vocational evaluation and work readiness and adjustment services.

If you have resources or publications that you would like to share with others please contact us.